Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Types of charging points

There are many different types of charging points available on the market, whether they are for a commercial, a public building and/or car park, or a domestic property.  They offer different charging speeds as well as access controls, methods of payment and reporting.

How can you find out which type of electric vehicle charge point is best matches your requirements?

The type of charge points you choose to install will depend on factors such as the type of property, its location and how you wish for it to be used. As an Energeasy Drive installer, we can advise you which charge point maybe best for your requirements.

Installing an electric vehicle charge point - domestic

It is possible to use an existing mains socket, but this will only allow you to charge at the slowest speed possible. We recommend that a dedicated charge point is installed to allow a full charge in about six hours, depending on battery size and level of charge.


Can you still get a charge point installed at home, if you do not have off street parking?


This may be possible, but you will need to apply to your Local Authority to get permission. Note that only off-street domestic charge points qualify for the grant subsidy to help buy your charge point.


What if you live in an apartment block and want to charge your vehicle overnight at home?


The decision to install a charge point may rest with the landlord of the apartment block, or the Local Authority, depending on who owns the land.

Domestic property
More information for domestic properties
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