Intelligent Homes

What is an intelligent home?

For us here at South West Electrical Solutions Ltd, an intelligent home is a property that has levels of control, some of which are automated. These intelligent systems can be put together to provide easy and manageable control of the property, and can provide many benefits and features. These include: -


Lighting with scene settings, presence simulation and easy all off functions

Heating controls that are monitored within each room and can be set to schedules without the need for programmers hidden in cupboards

Security with door and window contacts and motion sensors that can be linked to lighting controls and provide real time alerts

Whole property audio systems that can provide audio into each room and have independent controls

Energy saving that provides data on the properties energy use and generation

Access control with intercoms and electronic keys


Why choose an intelligent system

For us the real question should be why wouldn't you choose an intelligent system.


In the average property there are many different systems and appliances that are controlled on their own via switches, remotes and/or apps. And yet the problem is that these items are able to communicate with each other to meet the owners needs and requirements.


With an intelligent system everything can be set to work together and items can have more than more function, for example a motion sensor or switch could be used for lighting as well as heating, security and music. This allows the system to be tailored to your lifestyle and is also flexible and, more importantly, future proof.


The systems can be easily controlled whether you're at home or on the go. This can be done by using switches, mobile devices, remotes and/or PC.


We offer two different suppliers to provide our clients with an intelligent system that works best for their needs. 

We have undertaken training on both of these systems and work alongside the suppliers to ensure we stay current with the latest developments with their products.


We are a silver partner with Loxone - more info can be found on our Loxone page