South West Electrical Solutions Ltd are advanced installers of Niko home control.



Niko home control is the first electrical installation allowing families to actively reduce their energy consumption levels. Residents are able to operate the entire installation from one central location and actively reduce their energy bill whilst at the safe time creating a safer and more comfortable home environment. In times such as these, where a reduction in energy consumption is so important both financially and for the environment, this electrical installation provides a unique solutions.



Ever changing technologies and today's digital age have a strong impact on our lives and the world we live in. However the general set up of traditional electrical installations and the options available have largely remained unchanged for the past 30 years. Niko believes now is the time for change and progress.

Imagine an electrical system which makes your day to day life simple. A system which allows you to fully control, monitor and access when required. A system which, with one push of a button, provides you with the power to ensure complete security and monitor your energy usage. 

Home Control

Using wall switches, touch screen technology and even smart phones, the Niko home control system allows you to control all aspects of your home environment quickly, easily and even remotely. Control lighting, sockets, heat and air conditioning and monitor your energy consumption (and production too) - this system is beautifully streamlined and usable.

Case Study
A Niko case study
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Case Study 2
A Niko case study
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