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Duchy Defibrillators Ltd

We were approached by the team at Duchy Defibrillators in 2017 to assist them with the prototype monitored public access cabinet for their defibrillators. We are their sole installer for all new and modified cabinets. We normally work alongside the charity Front Line Emergency Equipment Trust (FLEET) when working on the cabinets.


Penryn defibrillator cabinet

A monitored public access defibrillator cabinet, located in Green lane, Penryn

Polperro defibrillator cabinet

A monitored public access defibrillator cabinet, located at Polperro hall

Projects: Projects

Lanivet, Bodmin

This new build rental property is located in Lanivet, Bodmin. 

A wide range of products used within this project, including Quinetic WiFi switches, Aico optical smoke & heat detectors, Fusebox consumer unit & Collingwood LED recessed down lights. 

Lanivet 1_edited.jpg
Lanivet 2_edited.jpg


Fusebox consumer unit


Aico fire detection

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Electric Vehicle charge point

For a repeat client, we were asked to install an electric vehicle charge point within the properties parking area.

We installed a tethered black Myenergi Zappi EV charger with the control hub to allow for it to work with the app, allowing for a schedule to be set up for the charger to operate when required. It also has built in load management allowing power to be reduced at the charger if the property needs to use more power.

We also installed some external up/down LED lighting within the parking area, all controlled via a sensor to switch them on/off when someone approaches at night.

Zappi 2_edited.jpg

Zappi EV charger

Zappi in the parking area


External LED lights

Projects: Projects
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